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Updated: Dec 1, 2023

You're probably wondering why I'm creating a post on Resort Tours and Transportation. Or, maybe you didn't know about this arm of our business?

Jan 1, 2024, marks the 10th anniversary of both Resort Tours and Simply Kimberley. Our operation has grown from running a single, 1-bedroom condo for vacation rental plus two crappy old vans in 2013 to owning/managing five larger, resort-base properties with 25 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms to pair with our five, passenger moving fleet vehicles.

Every milestone deserves a celebration and ours was a brand update! As such, we're excited for our clients to check out our new website for Resort Tours, our passenger transportation service.

We're pretty stoked about the outcome for our "black brand" as we further align Resort Tours with our transportation product and Simply Kimberley with our lodging product. Fear not, we're still one of the same and if you want to line up shuttles via Simply Kimberley, no problem.

So, grab a java and have an explore. Our team is pretty stoked about the outcome.


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