Accommodation Bookings

Check-In Time 4:00 PM Check-Out Time 10:00 AM

Accommodation - Reservation Policy: 

A reservation request is not a confirmed booking. A booking is confirmed once payment has been received by Simply Kimberley. Although we endeavour to keep our pricing up to date, errors do occur and prices are shown when making a reservation occasionally vary. We will contact you once you make a reservation to confirm pricing, availability and to organize invoice details.


Accommodation - To Confirm A Booking:

Deposit Policy: 50% deposit is required to confirm a booking. Full payment is due one calendar month prior to arrival for Shoulder or Regular Season and three calendar months prior to Peak or Mid-Peak Season arrival.

100% non-refundable payment is required to confirm a booking within one (1) month of check-in during Shoulder or Regular Season and three (3) months with Peak or Mid-Peak Season bookings.


Accommodation - Seasons:

Peak Season dates:

  • Dec 23 to Jan 2 - annually. 

  • The second Friday in February to the third Monday in February (Alberta & BC Family Day long weekend).

Mid-Peak Season dates: 

  • January 2 to the following Saturday (Jan 2-7, 2023, Jan 2-6, 2024, Jan 2-4, 2025).

  • The third Monday in February to the last Sunday in February (Feb 21-27, 2022, Feb 20-26, 2023, Feb 17-23, 2025).

  • The third full weekend of July annually (JulyFest in Kimberley).


Shoulder or Regular Season:

  • all other dates outside of Peak or Mid-Peak Season. 

Accommodation - Cancellation Policy:

Initial deposit (50% of invoice) is refundable (minus a cancellation fee) with a cancellation received a minimum of one (1) calendar month prior to arrival during Shoulder or Regular Season.

Initial deposit (50% of invoice) is refundable (minus a cancellation fee) with a cancellation received a minimum of two (2) calendar months prior to arrival during Peak Season or Mid-Peak Season. 

A one-time cancellation fee of $150 + GST is applicable to each condo cancellation and a cancellation fee of $250 + GST is applicable to all Stemwinder Chalet or The Woods cancellations.  

Absolutely no refunds for cancellations received less than one (1) calendar month to arrival for Regular/Shoulder Season bookings or two (2) months for Peak or Mid-Peak Season bookings.

In the event of a cancellation inside of our cancellation policy dates, Simply Kimberley will endeavour to re-rent out the cancelled property. If we are able to, we will refund the cancelling party the difference between what was contracted and the revenue received from "re-rental".   

Cleaning Fee: 

Each property is subject to a per-stay cleaning fee, this fee is subject to 5% GST.

  • $175 per stay for Kimberley Ridge 410 or 411 condo. 

  • $325 per stay for The Woods at 137 Stemwinder Dr.

  • $350 per stay for the Stemwinder Chalet at 152 Stemwinder Dr. 


Excess Cleaning:

In the event, that the unit is not left in a tidy state as per the check-out requested guidelines (viewable off the Hospitality Guide link sent a week prior to arrival), excess cleaning will be billed at $50/hour and taken off your security deposit. 

Refundable Security Deposit: 

Each property requires a $500 or larger security deposit (dependent upon the group at the discretion of the manager). Stemwinder Chalet or The Woods require a minimum $1000 deposit.

  • The security deposit will be refunded within fourteen (14) days of checkout once cleaning and inspection have been completed. 

  • Hot tub water changes are $150 + GST and are required if food or alcohol has been allowed to enter the water. Hot tub water change is at the professional discretion of our hot tub maintenance company (Felko Pool and Spa); hot tub water changes will be accompanied by an image of the hot tub water prior to dumping the water. 

  • Repairs to the property are priced at materials plus $40/hour in labour. 

  • Bylaw infractions (below) will be taken out of the security deposit. 


Accommodation - Pet Policy: 

Simply Kimberley properties are pet-friendly with a pet surcharge of  $25.00/night + tax per pet with a maximum of two dogs per stay (one dog per condo is permitted). Rental is conditional to the acknowledgement of our Pet Policy Conditions. We love pets but we need to ensure our units are respected and kept to hospitality standards for cleanliness. Please contact us for our Pet Policy Conditions.


Hot Tub: 

Simply Kimberley's units all have private hot tubs. We contract a hot tub maintenance company (Felko Pool and Spa) to ensure the hot tub is in suitable condition for your arrival. There are, however, mechanical events that can occur which are beyond the control of our maintenance program.  In the event that hot tubs are not functional due to mechanical issues, we will refund 5% of the nightly rate for which the hot tub was not in use.  Please note a minimum $150 + GST additional fee will be charged for any abuse, damage or water dumping required from food or alcohol being allowed to enter the hot tub water.


Check-In / Out Times:

Check-in time is 4:00pm or later. Check-out time is 10:00am. To request a later check-out, please let us know as it may possible to accommodate. 

Green Fees / Tee Time Bookings:

Simply Kimberley packages golf bookings with our accommodations as a key part of our business. With a minimum of 16 rounds booked, we'll provide a $50 discount per night on our owned or managed accommodations.  Simply Kimberley is a golf tour operator. While we strive to not charge any fee for our tee time booking services, certain courses do NOT provide commission and therefore we do charge an additional $5-10 per golfer for our golf booking service. Please contact us to confirm rates. Green fees must be paid a minimum of 14 days prior to arrival. 

Additional Info:


  • 5% GST is applicable to all totals including cleaning fees and pet fees.  

  • NEW TAX: As of October 1, 2018, every accommodator selling accommodation in British Columbia, must register and collect Provincial Sales Tax (PST = 8%) and Municipal and Regional District Tax (MRDT = 2%). 

  • Cando Venture Corp. DBA Simply Kimberley is GST Registered with GST No. 806947545 and PST/MDRT Registered with PST No. 1111-4727  

Trip Interruption/Cancellation Insurance:

Things don't always go as planned, Simply Kimberley strongly recommends Travelers Insurance for your own protection. BCAA Trip Cancellation has policies to cover unforeseen situations. 


Zoning Policy for Stemwinder Drive:

Our Stemwinder Drive properties (137 & 152 Stemwinder Drive) are located in an RTA-1 zoned area. This means it is located in a residential neighbourhood zoned for tourist accommodation. Two important bylaws govern this property for tourist accommodation. 

  1. A maximum of 12 guests may stay at the property. 

  2. Noise Bylaw -  No person shall cause or make, or permit to be made or caused, any noise in or on a public or private place which disturbs or tends to disturb the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort, or convenience of any person or persons in the neighbourhood or vicinity. 

We enact a strict no outside disturbance/noise policy after 10p on weeknights and 11p on weekends.

Penalties Associated with Bylaw Infraction for Stemwinder Drive properties:

Every person who commits an offence against this bylaw is liable to a fine and penalty of not more than $2,000.00 (Two Thousand

Dollars) and not less than $200.00 (Two Hundred Dollars) for each offence and in default of payment thereof forthwith or within such

time as the presiding Provincial Court Judge or Justice of the Peace shall direct, the fine imposed shall be recoverable under the

provisions of the Offense Act, R.S.B.C. 1979, Chapter 305 and all amendments thereto.​




Charter Transportation Bookings

Charter Transportation - Reservation Policy:

  • A reservation request is not a confirmed booking. A booking is confirmed once a 50% deposit or full payment has been received by Simply Kimberley. Full payment must be received a minimum of fourteen days (14) prior to charter transportation service. 

Charter Transportation - Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellations received more than seventy-two (72) hours prior to pick-up time will receive a full refund minus a $150 + GST cancellation fee, per vehicle. No refunds for charters cancelled 72 hours or less before scheduled pick-up time.

Charter Transportation - Operating Policy:

  • Simply Kimberley / Resort Tours will not be responsible for delays caused by road conditions, weather or other conditions within or beyond the carrier's control. Cancellation Insurance or Trip Interruption Insurance is strongly advised due to the nature of mountainous travel.

  • In the event of a flight delay, drivers will wait for 30 minutes at no additional charge. Delays beyond 30 minutes from the requested pick-up time, will be billed at $100/hour plus 5% GST in 15-minute increments.

  • For departure flights, travellers must be ready 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time.

  • YXC Arrivals - Simply Kimberley / Resort Tours will meet clients at the arrival doors of the Canadian Rockies International Airport. Our branded shuttle will be parked out front of arrivals and the driver will be inside awaiting confirmed passengers.

  • YYC Arrivals – Simply Kimberley / Resort Tours will organize a curbside pick-up and will need to be in contact with clients via mobile or email to confirm the exact pick-up location.

Charter Transportation - Billing Policy:

  • Last-minute changes (under 24-hours prior to confirmed pick-up) will be billed at the vehicle's respective hourly rate ($150-$200/hour).

  • The full-day rate is based on a 10-hour day from the time of departure from our base to the time of return to base. Additional hours will be billed at the vehicle's respective hourly rate ($175-$225/hour) up to the federally regulated 14 hours maximum time on service.

  • Early morning pick-up requests (before 6AM) and late-night pick-up requests (after 10PM) are charged a minimum of $50 surcharge for out-of-business hours operations.

Charter Transportation - Surcharge Policy:

  • Simply Kimberley / Resort Tours will automatically add an additional charge of 15% including gratuity and fuel premiums.