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#BookDirect | Guest Education Day - Feb 3, 2021

Today is the fourth annual #BookDirect guest education day.

Once a year, vacation rental owners and property management companies work to educate our clients on WHY to always #BookDirect.

  • When travellers book on large vacation rental websites (like Airbnb,, or Expedia), they are paying substantial Service Fees to use these sites.

  • Simply Kimberley clients pay an additional $250 on top of their base-rental rate for the average 4-night stay in one of our properties.

My business, Simply Kimberley, has invested heavily in our website including our direct booking website. We can't have a more simple domain name and website to find then this, right?

  • No one knows the accommodation options in Kimberley better than Simply Kimberley. This includes chalets, hotels and condos. And, we can overflow to these other properties when we're full.

  • Simply Kimberley can help our client groups choose the best property and seasonal dates to fit their needs (and budget).

  • The BEST PRICES will always be through a direct booking. And, heck, we knock off 3% when paying by e-transfer (avoid the 3% credit card fees).

  • Simply Kimberley also operates Kimberley's premier charter transportation (van and buses) options.

Here's a real-time snapshot of how Simply Kimberley marks up our Airbnb, VRBO and pricing.

We mark up Airbnb by 20% (host pays 16%), by 15% (host pays 10%) and VRBO/HomeAway by 10% (host pays 8%).

Happy Guest Education Day. Remember to always #BookDirect and please call or email Tod anytime.


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