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Skin to Win | Uptrack at Kimberley

Kimberley Alpine Resort has officially become the first western-Canadian ski resort to allow a self-guided, uptrack route to the top of Northstar Mountain (the frontside of Kimberley Alpine Resort). With the surge in interest of backcountry skiing, it's pretty refreshing to see a ski resort embracing this healthy activity and providing a safe and easy, entry-level experience on resort property.

For decades, "skinning the ski hill" has been a well-loved pursuit by Kimberlites; and now it's becoming legit. Just yesterday, I chatted with a young couple from Alberta and part of their early January ski holiday was to get a couple laps of Boundary (the designated up-track and ski run down) as a safe place to practice with their new equipment.

Way to go, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies; you're helping to remove the "ain't" from our quaint little city.

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