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Lift Tickets | Costco vs. Simply Kimberley

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

I've got a theory on why you shouldn't buy lift tickets at Costco. Because it's a pain in the ass.

Park the vehicle, peruse the oversized aisles, prowl the samples and purchase hundreds of dollars of stuff you don't really need. Upon fighting Costco sized traffic on the way home, you still need to go online, look for the right section of the RCR website, create a profile and then activate your voucher. And, you're still not done! Upon arrival at Kimberley (or Fernie / Kicking Horse) you still need to go to Guest Services to redeem your activated voucher.

My humble suggestion - make your life easier. Contact Simply Kimberley and let us package your Lodging or Lodging and Transfers plus Lift Tickets at the same price you'd pay at Costco (minus the Costco sized headache).

Winter 2017 - Simply Kimberley Lodging and Packaged Lift Ticket FROM:

  • $105 / night for lift and lodging based on two heads per bed in one of our condos

  • $150 / night for lift and lodging based on ONE head per bed in one of our condos

All paid in advance online through our slick invoicing system. We'll have your voucher emailed to you and Guest Services at Kimberley for pick up before your ski day. It's wonderfully simple.

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