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Be Smart. Book Direct.

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

This is a serious post about a serious issue. I'm serious.

With the proliferation of OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) such as Airbnb, and the Expedia family (VRBO, HomeAway,, Trivago,, Travelocity) consumers are inundated with online options to find and book their vacation rentals.

The crappy thing is - with the new Guest Service Fee model being utilized by the main OTAs, it costs owners (me writing this) and clients (you reading this) extra money for no good reason...with average extra fees of 9-17% of the value of the accommodation. I hate sending clients off my website but this site provides a good explanation of the reality of booking through OTAs.

The solution? Be Smart. Book Direct. It is in Simply Kimberley's best interest to provide our Best Available Rate to our clients contacting us directly. Seriously - call Tod - 1.844.474.6759 (844.4SIMPLY).

We will happily be competitive with other properties at Kimberley Alpine Resort. Nobody likes their ferris wheel spinning with empty seats!

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