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How to Build a Super Condo!

End Goal: to craft one big ol' Super Condo space that is perfect for groups.

Recipe: take two side by side, 3 bedroom units and smash a hole through the wall between them. Buy a very expensive sound isolation door, drive to Montana to pick up the 640 lb crate and hire a skilled local contractor to install.

Simmer with double door installation, deep cleans resulting from drywall dust, taping and mudding, painting and repainting.

Result: a 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom, 3000 sqft, ski-in/out condo with 2 hot tubs, 4 decks and plenty of sleeping spots! Pair this with a super sweet luxury chalet et voilà - the perfect creation for golf, ski and vacationing groups!

#golfing #family #skiing

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