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Larch Fest | November 3, 2016

Larchfest! A celebration of all things larchy and wonderful and a heck of a nice local experience for a gathering on an otherwise low key November evening. Vote for your favourite photos from the various categories from tasteful nudes to alpine hipster shots.

Kimberley locals, Randy (biologist and chief bee keeper) and Krista Moody of Moody Bee fame have been spearheading a wonderful gathering based on the fact the Kimberley area has the highest concentration of Western larch (Larix occidentalis). More reasons to celebrate our wickedly good city.

Join the local yokels at Stonefire Pizzeria for a glass of wine or a few pints. Kick off is at 500p - show up early to get a seat and enjoy the wares of Kimberley's finest artisanal flatbread. As always, contact Simply Kimberley for a sweet deal on a sweet condo stay. Quote promo code: coniferous deciduous for a heck of a deal:)

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