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Paddle Boarding with Glaciers

Sunday Funday! What better to do on a hot Sunday in August then head into the Purcell Range to explore Kimberley's backyard. I'd heard about the remnants of a glacier that still flowed into a crystal clear lake a few years ago...and Whiteboar Lake never fails to enthrall. This was the third time we'd been up with our iSUPs (inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards) and it was just as spectacular as always.

This year's glacial special brought a new ice cave carved underneath the glacial body by meltwater. It sure didn't feel quite right walking up the carved out path with water dripping from the ice roof - but I reckoned the chances of the freak accident happening were pretty slim. We hiked up to the top on the snow and were able to look down the entrance to the cave ~ 200' in elevation above the lake level. It sure was a spectacular view down the lake and into the St.Mary's River valley...all only an hour drive from Kimberley.

Key Info: contact Tod for more info. Must have a high clearance 4 * 4 vehicle to access the lake.

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