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SunMine Tours

Yet one more great reason to visit to Kimberley is the beautiful weather. With 300 annual days of sunshine it's tough to beat. The amazing amount of sunlight the area receives was one reason for the construction of the City of Kimberley owned solar farm, dubbed the "SunMine".

The SunMine is built on 5 hectares of repurposed land from the Teck Resources concentrator site just above town. It is the first facility of its kind to be developed, owned and operated by a Canadian municipality. It currently generates enough power to provide electricity for 200 homes and over it's first year of operation averaged $526 per day in revenue paid to the City of Kimberley from BC Hydro.

Visiting the SunMine gives a glimpse into the past and hopefully a look ahead at the future for Kimberley. The road takes you above the town with a view across the St.Mary's River valley. The innovation of the SunMine itself is spectacular to see. The panels pivot themselves to optimize the sun's direction.

Resort Tours and Simply Kimberley are pleased to be the designated SunMine tour operator and is able to offer tours for both local groups and visitors alike. Contact us to set up a 1-1.5 hour educational tour for your group as part of your Kimberley adventure.

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